A Few Thoughts on Education Reform

I was recently invited to be among 8 leading legislative candidates from across California to attend a two-day symposium on reforming public education. Our discussion with education policy experts affirmed my belief that we need a new generation of reformers in the Legislature to upend the habits of failure that define governance in Sacramento.

As a former 10th-grade English teacher at an underserved high school, tackling the challenges facing our education system – and assuring all kids can get a top-notch education – is central to why I’m running for the Assembly. Consider:

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Administrative Growth at California State Universities

This report was compiled by the campaign's interns.

In order to better understand some of the reasons behind the rising cost of higher education, we surveyed the growth of administration, faculty, and student enrollment at California State Universities (CSUs) over the last few decades. Using 1980 as our starting point, we compared the year-by-year percentage change in the size of these three groups up to 2013. Our data shows that since 1980 the number of administrators has grown by 126.7%, while the number of faculty has only grown by 17.95%; the student body, by 63.66%. In other words, the number of administrators has increased at 7x the rate of growth for faculty and 2x the rate of growth for students, resulting in more administrators and less faculty members per student today than in 1980. CSU_administrators_et_al._comparative_growth_chart.png

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How Many Jobs Have Left the 6th District?

This report was compiled by the campaign's interns.

New research shows that businesses are divesting from California because of its inhospitable regulatory environment. A report by Joseph Vranich, president of Spectrum Location Services, used information in the public domain, including news articles and government reports, to quantify the number of companies that left California for regulatory reasons within the past seven years.

We analyzed the report's data to graph the jobs lost in the 6th Assembly District, an area that includes parts of Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado counties. We found that between 2007 and 2014, the district lost nearly 2,100 jobs, which the report attributes to overregulation. (See chart below.)

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What Our Campaign Is About

We had a great event last weekend in Granite Bay. Below is a clip from Kevin's remarks.


A Grassroots Campaign

12144851_777324172393033_723742795702564718_n.jpgOver the last few months Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley has met with hundreds of voters across the Sixth Assembly District, speaking in the living rooms and backyards of supporters from El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Loomis, Lincoln, and Roseville. “What fuels our campaign is the optimism that the problems in Sacramento are not intractable,” Kiley said. “We can reform state government with new leadership and fresh energy.” 

More Local Business Owners Endorse Kevin Kiley

Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley has earned endorsements from several more local business owners. They include:

  • Steve Williams, Sly Park Basketball School 
  • Ron Loder, Loder Construction
  • Richard J. Resch, TerraQuest Realty
  • John H. Gewalt, TEAM Associates
  • Bradley Cutler, Cutler Associates

Press Release: Announcing the Campaign Team

Rocklin, CA –  Republican Kevin Kiley’s campaign for the 6th Assembly District continues to gain momentum as today Kiley announced new members of his campaign team. In the announcement Kiley confirmed his campaign consultant and fundraising consultant for the election.

Gilliard Blanning and Associates (GBA), managed by Dave Gilliard and Natalie Blanning, will serve as general campaign consultants. Capital Development Strategies (CDS), managed by John Bovee, will oversee fundraising. Both GBA and CDS have deep experience in the area working on the last two successful Assembly campaigns.

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Preparing for El Niño

A recent report from Stanford University predicts this winter's El Niño will be among the strongest on record. The extra rain will not solve California's water crisis. But it does carry the potential to replenish our aquifers and groundwater basins, which are nearly depleted after four years of drought.

Recharging our underground storage requires infrastructure that can capture rainwater and manage it long enough so it seeps into the ground. And yet, after four years of drought, many of California's storm dams and drainage systems are still engineered to release water into the Pacific. We have the tools to modernize this infrastructure, but dated laws and regulations often impede timely solutions.

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Join the Team

I am excited to introduce you to our first high school interns!


These extraordinary young people have already infused our campaign with fresh ideas and boundless energy. They have inspired me with their commitment to the future of our community and our state. 


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Placer County Supervisor Endorses Kevin Kiley

Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley has earned an endorsement from former Placer County Supervisor Ron Lichau. Lichau has previously served as Mayor of Auburn and is also a small business owner.